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Choose between the levels, make a daily learning schedule and take your language learning to the next level.

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Find activities that combine listening, reading, and speaking. Get detailed information of the word, memorize, and read sentences within minutes.

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Always find chapters with the original content. Basana is fun and easy to use.

Learning Chinese With Basana

“Ugh, I could never learn Chinese grammar, Chinese is too hard!” Sound familiar?

If you feel like learning Mandarin, let your heart feel it, embrace it, then do it.
Cognitive struggles aside, the genuine challenge for learning Mandarin is finding resources to help you understand the words and grammar and the effective methods for practicing and remembering what you are studying. With this need, we came up with Basana, the best application to learn Mandarin. Why Basana?


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I am super confident now i can speak Chinese. I just started but the explanation is very good (with grammar, audio and written examples, teacher lecture of real life context, roleplaying feature, etc.) Basana lessons are interesting and fun. They are like games. You can also check your pronunciation.
Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Basan is a very fantastic App. I loved its pronunciation of pinyin words. Few of other apps have this ability. Very helpful. It is easy to learn chinese using this app
David Parker

David Parker

I am impressed by the clean design and user interface. It is easy to use and loading material takes only seconds. All sentences have been carefully translated and they stay as true as possible to the original Mandarin. Great work by Basana team.


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Learning Chinese is very fast end easy with Basana. In just minutes you’ll be reading your first sentences.

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